*inspired by @mirthnuts
  1. Not eating prok
    Anything that comes from a pig
  2. Not accepting someone's offer the first time
    It's polite to decline, go back and forth, and then accept.
  3. Not declining food
    Guests are always supposed to say yes to food. Cause, because.
  4. Not sitting in front of men in the car
  5. Not sitting in front of people who are older than me in the car
  6. No cussing
  7. Offering to wash dishes when eating at someone's house
  8. Declining help from others, at first at least
    This includes the basic things like cleaning up to serious things like money
  9. Not asking for help directly
  10. Not eating out cause money, homemade food, etc
  11. No pets
    I'm still debating getting one
  12. Modest clothing
  13. Not speaking over my elders/respected ones
  14. Putting up with light misogyny
  15. Yet still be stern when shit gets serious
  16. Bringing gifts everytime you're invited to someone's house
  17. Putting family over everything
  18. Having to put up with family
  19. Make decisions with God in mind
  20. Education is E V E R Y T H I N G
    respect all knowledge
  21. Yep, that's a lot.
    I'll add more if I think of any.