Requested by @ridley
A little intro
  1. We are not Arabs
    I know this doesn't fit into the culture discussion. I'm just saying this, so you know to not call some Iranian an Arab
  2. We offer EVERYTHING
    You need money? We offer. You need food? We offer. You need anything? We offer.
  3. Gatherings are full of love... and other chores.
    If you're at someone's house eating, you better offer to wash the dishes. Better yet, get up and start washing the dishes. The hostess will then try to wash the dishes. Then you two will proceed to argue over who will wash dishes... nicely. We're not mean.
  4. Tea is everything
    We have tea 5 times per day. Give or take. You're sick? Drink tea. You're happy? Drink tea. We just drink tea. We also have around 50 different ways to drink tea.
  5. Rice is also everything
    Rice is only for lunch. Rice is great. Iranian rice is great. Eat rice.
  6. We care for our elders
    They are above everything else. We do not put elders in "homes". That is unspeakable.
  7. Some things are better left unsaid
    We need to censor ourselves in most situations. It's not okay to talk about "inappropriate" things.
  8. Fights should be in private
    We never yell in front of others. We are happy in front of others.
  9. We look on the bright side
    The glass is always full.
  10. We believe in hard work
    You need to study and work.
  11. Faith is very important
    There are Iranians who are not religious but they have faith. We have faith in better things.
  12. We encourage love
    We are always trying to make things better, happier, lovelier. Hate is a bad thing to have.
  13. We like to have fun
    We may not throw big parties, but we do have fun.
  14. Family is above all
    Blood is thicker than water
  15. We are not 100% westernized
    Even the ones who live in the west have some Iranian culture lingering.
  16. We are polite
    Never rude.
  17. We love food.
    Enough said
  18. We bring gifts
    Whenever we go to someone's house we bring gifts. Missed your birthday? We'll bring you a gift the next time we see you.
  19. Religion isn't that involved