Everyone is in a hurry......I get it
  1. She told me an hour & it would be ready....I waited 1 1/2 to come back & they're still not done?
  2. Why isn't your drive thru open?
  3. Why can't I get a price before you fill?
  4. Why do I have a delivery fee?
  5. I want to return this script & everything else I bought here without a damn receipt!
  6. You don't need to shout at me & please no whispering. I can't hear you at all!!!
  7. When you call, don't ask if you have refills when I have no idea who I am speaking with.
  8. Why is this backordered for weeks? I need my Medicine NOW
  9. Don't walk up to me in pjs at 2pm - get a f***in JOB
  10. Stop being so mean & negative when I'm standing here smiling
  11. If you can't fill my script, call another store that has them in stock
  12. Why don't you answer your phones? I've been calling all morning