Things in this bubble, this lifetime, our world
  1. Way too much insanity & firing your Staff so swiftly, wild & crazy twitter feedsfor this President. I can't keep up with this jerk I'm supposed to respect
  2. Addiction creeping in for too many families. Epidemic overload.
  3. Summer is going by TOO quickly.
  4. Too much rain is ruining my fruits, veggies, flowers summer 2017!
  5. Decided at 62, it's my turn to win a huge lottery & maybe leave this town or even country.
  6. Do tall people like, or even buy the 'tiny house' concept.
  7. Put down that calculator & do the math using your God given brain
  8. Get off your phone in my company. It's rude
  9. Don't complain your too fat to me with that candy bar between your lips.
  10. Grow something, learn something, read something make something, do something new & different
    For a day & leave your gaming for 24 hours.
  11. Pay forward. It feels awesome
  12. Get a job & get off welfare. Poverty breeds poverty around here & it's one of my biggest peeves why not consider a vasectomy or tubal? You can - welfare pays for that too! Instead of breaking down Obamacare, reform the welfare system after seeing you drive that expensive car, manicured hands while I work a full time job just to make ends meet.
  13. Be respectful to the elderly, kind to everyone. Enjoy life's little pleasures like smiles, sunshine, hugs, kisses, the smells after a rain shower & cut grass, a breeze. It's fun & easy and free. It's all about love
  14. Say what you mean but more importantly, MEAN WHAT YOU SAY!!!