I do occasionally but dread
  1. Cleaning windows - car, house, etc.
    Found out newspaper & a cloudy day worked best,
  2. Cat liter box
    If I skip 1 day, hate this chore even more
  3. Dirty Ashtrays
    Smells like crap even after soaking all day with detergent
  4. Junk that accumulates in my car
    Candy papers, food spills & crumbs from kids, me, any passengers & worse those tiny stones from everybody's shoe bottoms that find their way in on my floor mat & carpet.
  5. My combs & hairbrush.
    Takes 4-ever to get out all the hair in them
  6. Kitchen sink strainers
    Wet food after soaking dishes is gross to look at let alone have to touch to empty
  7. Ceiling fans
    Climbing a ladder with cleaning supplies makes this chore even tougher
  8. Hanging houseplant leaves
    Way too many leaves to wipe & dust. Twice a year is good enough for me
  9. For people who use coal furnaces In their main living area knows this complaint I hate to clean is by far a painstaking task to keep lit, keep clean & just keeps on giving with coal dust, burned ashes & actually every inch it heats including family, friends & our sweet pets my struggle in winter & spring cleaning nightmare begins