Remembering a customers birth date
  1. Need it to finish pharmacy transaction. They seem to feel I should know & remember hundreds of birthdays? Sweet, kind, respectful customers who I enjoy seeing get that privilege
  2. Driving someplace I've never been before
    Terrible with unfamiliar road signs & interstates. Giving or getting directions
  3. Knowing I won't win the argument so why can't I just shut up
  4. Styling my hair
    Curling irons confuse me trying to make curls in the back of my head - also French braids are impossible
  5. Pronouncing last names & even complicated first names with respect/dignity
  6. Keeping calm when a customer becomes outraged & difficult & dumps ugly on me because his medicine isn't filled or had to be ordered for the following day
  7. Turning a blind eye toward my husband as he turns any room he is in more than ten minutes into a war zone unkempt mess & never noticed how clean it was prior to his arrival.
  8. Controlling my fear when my daughter encounters another driver on a busy highway who pulls a stupid or dangerous maneuver while she's driving & hearing her road raging & going after the unsafe driver because of their stupidity & bad driving skills while my anxiety 'n blood pressure sky rockets trying my best to calm her down.