Why I'm a People Person

I enjoy brief chit-chatting with my customers, long talks with my best friend & girl talk with my few but precious close friends. I learned to be a better listener than talker hearing other people's stories of their good days & bad days feeling love & compassion for what they have to talk about when we are face to face.
  1. Smiling before I even say hello makes my day especially when it's on someone I just met.
  2. Kind,selfless, caring people are easy to spot. I can see it in their eyes immediately.
  3. Polite people stand out -they say please with ease thank you from the heart & offer acts of kindness toward they're fellow man
  4. People who sing along to a familiar tune knowing they can't carry a tune but hearing their joy also brings joy to a listening ear & perks us up
  5. People who have pets to share their home with. Animal lovers are some of my very favorite people because they get it when we share our pet stories who aren't just animals but are part of family we love & cherish.
  6. My final thought goes to the givers not getters. They are our gems knowing how good it feels to give. Without them, humanity wouldn't exist. Giving is just as rewarding if not more so to the receiver.
  7. Give a hug, a smile, a pay forward & you'll feel the love. Today is a "gift" we call the "present" so make every second count in the short time we share in this world as a human race
  8. Thank you all who read my list. Please add or comment if you like. I will enjoy any/all feedback -Enjoy the day