1. San Juan, Puerto Rico
  2. Pretty flower
  3. One of the books I read by the pool
  4. St. Kitts- my love 😍
  5. St. Kitts- pretty pretty
  6. St. Kitts- the beach
  7. St Kitts- yes, the water does sparkle
  8. St Kitts- some pretty coral
    Yes, the water was crystal clear- even up to my shoulders!
  9. St. Maarten
  10. St. Maarten
    Picture taken from a water taxi
  11. Dominica
    In the rainforest
  12. Dominica
    The Emerald Pool + a waterfall + some random guy
  13. Dominica
  14. Dominica
  15. Dominica
  16. Dominica
  17. Dominica
    Volcanic rock beach
  18. Dominica
    Volcanic rock beach
  19. Barbados
  20. Barbados
    A chicken and a rooster crossing the road
  21. San Juan, Puerto Rico