An Explanation
  1. is an app filled with people who love to read and write.
  2. As such I am going to create regular reading challenges for the good people of this app.
  3. Challenges that will keep people excited about reading, reading diverse books, reading lots, reading intensely, reading happy, sad, horror.
  4. I will have a new reading challenge posted every week. With instructions on how the challenge will work.
  5. Every six months we will mix things up and have different, more intense challenges.
    Challenges with lots more reading, and random contests.
  6. And the best part of these intense challenges?
  7. Prizes! Book prizes!
  8. I challenge you all to read!
  9. I challenge you all to list about what you are reading.
  10. And I hope as you accomplish different challenges you will all fall more deeply in love with reading.