1. Kimberley Dawn Wilson
    I was named after the town of Kimberley BC for no particular reason other than my parents lived there for a period before my existence. And I was born at dawn, thus...
  2. I live in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada
    I spent the first 6 years of my life in Squamish BC. My family migrated to Alberta when my parents made the decision to be closer to my dad's work in Fort McMurray.
  3. December 18th, 1995
    While my hometown is Squamish, BC- I was born in the Vancouver children's hospital
  4. I am Scottish, African, and Indian
    Or so we believe. I'm a little bit brown but I tend to forget I'm not Caucasian.
  5. My sister's name is Melanie
    She is the most important person to me. We hated each other growing up and after she moved to Vancouver to pursue acting just months before our parents split. Since then we see each other more as extraordinary human beings rather than nuisances with a forced relationship.
  6. My parents are divorced
    My parents never really appeared to like each other. They loved each other but those two feelings don't always coincide. When I was 13 I woke up one morning to my dad informing me my mom had left him. Then shit hit the fan and let's just say they can stand each other these days. Sort of.
  7. I lost my virginity at 16
    to my best friend whom I love/hated who then left the next day on an exchange to France where he would ignore me for the next three months until he came home and simultaneously came out of the closet.
  8. I have always felt fat
    It doesn't matter how skinny I've gotten or how confident I've been. Regardless of my awareness to my own self-loathing it can't be helped. Growing up I was called fat so I got skinny. Then they told me I was too skinny so I got fat. And now I'm just trying to be healthy.
  9. My boyfriends name is Daniel
    I think I'd like to marry him one day.
  10. I don't really have any friends
    Not right now at least. I've always had a hard time getting along with other people because I sort of have a hard time getting along with myself. But I'd really like to be able to throw a dinner party one day and actually have a couple of people to invite.
  11. I love to art
    I like to paint and draw and craft and sculpt. I'm not sure I'm all that good though. And in all honesty I think I also kind of hate to art? It makes me sad when I can't find inspiration to create something. Like if I'm not inspired enough to draw something beautiful than there must be something wrong with my life.
  12. I went to University when I was 17
    I graduated with honours from high school and immediately began a two year diploma in Arts and Cultural Management. I am currently not doing anything with my diploma. I wish I would have accepted my Bachelor of Fine Arts admission.
  13. I wish I was an adventurer
    The concept of wanderlust is so enticing but every weekend I still lay around and do little to nothing. Not that I want to travel the work really. But I wish that I wanted to.