It's ok to like things that other people don't.
  1. Top 40
    I don't care if the lyrics are meaningless, or if the quality is less than subpar. I enjoy it. Especially on the radio. So fuck you.
  2. Snakes and Bugs
    Snakes and bugs are cool as fuck and deserve respect. Just because your afraid of something doesn't make it bad or gross. Haven't you learned that yet?
  3. Twilight
    Stephanie Meyer wrote that shit for 14 year old girls. If your not a 14 year old girl and you don't like it- no one forced you to even read it. So fuck off.
  4. Art
    Whether it's a ready-made or a goddamn fresco it's all a masterpiece so long as even one person believes it is.
  5. Hairless Cats
    Rex cats or whatever. They're cute as hell and are deserving of cuddles.
  6. Ranch
    If you don't like ranch you're a sadist and should probably make better choices.