I hate a lot of things. Like a lot of things. Please don't be offended if I hate a thing that you like. I totally support you liking that thing- I just don't agree with it and think you're a bad person if you like that thing. Jk.....
  1. Honey mustard
  2. Buffalo and or Hot wings
    Also gross. Honey garlic or gtfo.
  3. Running
  4. Orange
    I don't like the look or the taste. With some exceptions including but not limited to: oranges, orange is the new black, sunsets.
  5. Mad Men
    Boring as fuck.
  6. Chocolate ice cream and chocolate cake
  7. To Kill a Mockingbird
    I read the whole damn novel and never registered a word because it was boring as hell. The characters have cool ass names and the overarching "lesson" is fantastic but everything else is just fucking brussel sprouts.
  8. Brussels sprouts.
    Really just most green foods. And really all vegetables.
  9. Parties
    What could possibly make me subject myself to hours of small talk with people I barely know in an outfit entirely designed to impress said people and not being able to sit comfortably.
  10. Santa
    Any stranger dressed up in a costume tempting children to sit on their lap at the mall is creepy as fuck in my books.
  11. Screamo/ metal/ whatever
    It's literally just noise.