I'm talking every. Single. Time.
  1. "A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN" - Betty Spaghetti learns that her husband was killed in WWII
    Tom Hanks does that slow walk, all the ladies play with their rings, then Betty yells out "no no it's George!..."
  2. "IN AMERICA" - Ariel and Kristy wave goodbye to Mateo and Johnny finally cries
    Catharsis to the max!!! He's (sniff) letting (sniff snort) Frankie (sob sob) GOOOOO
  3. "UP" - the whole opening.
    Are you kidding me, Pixar? Young love, infertility, companionship, dreams lost, spouse dying... I mean it should've had a warning!
  4. "SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE" - the goodbye
    "You will never grow old for me!..." It's just so damn good it gets me every time.
  5. "TITANIC" - cue horn pipe...
    Roll your eyes. Go on. Whatever man. Still sad. He's so hot...I was 18 when I saw it...those emotions imprinted. I can't help it, ok!
  6. "FORREST GUMP" - Forrest at Jenny's grave
    "He's so smart, Jenny." Tom Hanks is just too much. The way he breaks down, the way he just misses her so much...and I'm already so vulnerable from mama's death! Dammit, Hanks, you're killing me softly over here!
  7. "GOOD WILL HUNTING" - Will loses his ish and directs it all at Skylar
    "Say you don't love me. Say it...and I won't call you..." "I don't love you". Damn Will! At least offer to fix her wall!
  8. "INSIDE OUT" - clicking play through to end of credits.
    What the hell man? This is all kinds of tears all leaking out at alarming rates.
  9. "SCHINDLER's LIST". Duh.
  10. "BLOOD DIAMOND" - Djimon Hounsou sees his family in the refugee camp and screams from the depths of his fricking soul
    Ah. Leo & Djimon. Again. Also 2 Tom Hanks appearances. And 2 Pixars. Hmm, I feel this is the genesis of a new list!