ya girl got hired today! it's my dream internship and I'm euphoric
  1. wake up 2 hours early
    wash hair, shave legs, apply deodorant 6x
  2. get to train
    20 minutes early
  3. feel a little bad you skipped out on work this morning
  4. get onto train
  5. fall asleep
  6. obsessively re-read the job description, slowly convincing yourself you're woefully under qualified
  7. get off train
    1 hour before interview
  8. nervous pee
  9. scroll through li.st to quiet the butterflies
  10. walk to interview location
    15 minutes early
  11. nervous pee
  12. stand awkwardly in lobby
  13. very sweet front desk worker offers to get your interviewer to come downstairs
    have a distinct thought halfway through: "you're totally blowing this Rebecca"
  15. hear the words: "would you like to do this?"
  16. try to contain your goofy grin
  17. shake hands 3 times
    "I get a good vibe from you" the interviewer says
  18. try to contain goofy grin as you walk out to the street
  19. call Mom
    choke up as you tell her you really did it
  20. text Dad
    at work and probably can't talk
  21. call sister
    she's pretty excited but also wants to talk about her mechanic 😒
  22. call best friend
    probably at work, text her a bunch of letters
  23. get celebratory Arby's at train station
  24. email advisors
    lots of !s and thank yous
  25. replay it over and over