working out is the woooooorsttttt
  1. 20 minutes running - you got this Rebecca
  2. let's go fast - no incline though
    ok "fast" = medium to slow for most people, but not walking
  3. I'm going to be a runner now
  4. "oh yeah I just ran a few miles this morning"
    how I'm going to start every conversation today
  5. oh no I have to poop
  6. is it worth getting off?
  7. NO! exercise is about suffering
  8. only 7 minutes in? ughhhhhhhh
  9. I'm going to stop at 10 minutes this is hard
  10. NO Rebecca come on
  11. standing on the sides for 1 full minute is definitely allowed
    it's called interval training
  12. ok get back on there
  13. uggggggh this is boring I'm stopping at 15
  14. NO you said 20 you're doing 20 minutes of this torture
  15. *turns up Tina Turner*
  16. I really got to poop for real
  17. 3 more minutes bitch
  18. oh man disco music is so good for working out I should make a playlist
  19. focus Rebecca
  20. 1 minute until you can poop
  21. 20 MINUTES
    *slams the stop button*
  22. nice work, self, let's go find the bathroom