I'd love some advice
  1. my two closest friends and I had the biggest fight I've ever had with ANYBODY last Wednesday - I'm still trying to process
  2. background: my two closest friends are a couple. we've had arguments in the past but nothing like this
    they're in Illinois right now, I'm in South Carolina. we go to the same college.
  3. it started as a series of miscommunications with both sides getting their feelings hurt
  4. they reached out to me on Wednesday asking if/why I was upset
    this was all through texts
  5. I laid it all out, and they did the same
  6. it was pretty brutal for a while, but it was equal on both sides
  7. then, out of nowhere they come at me with how negative I am and that they're not "here to be an outlet"
  8. they basically said I need to change every aspect of my life (how many things I'm involved in, how many hours I work, how I express frustration, how I prioritize) because I'm "miserable all the time"
  9. and this really hurt me
  10. because I don't open up about that kind of stuff to everyone, and I had been struggling a lot this semester
  11. so I apologized for treating them poorly and for any hurt I caused them
  12. and they said "let's make this summer better"
    one of them texted me, but it was from both of them. they're a couple, remember
  13. and I, perhaps wrongly, asked if they were at all sorry for hurting me, that I was feeling the same hurt they had felt
  14. and they said no
  15. literally
  16. "I'm sorry but no" + an enormous text about how poorly I treated them that ended with "we are not in the wrong on this"
  17. what?
  18. so I just apologized again
  19. and they said "let's be better this summer"
    I didn't respond because I started crying to my parents about it
  20. so now it's been almost a week, and I haven't heard from them
  21. they've sent me a few snapchats as if everything were fine, but it's not
  22. and I feel like they should know that, but it seems like they don't?
  23. so I don't want to extend this, and I want to move on
  24. BUT I'm really hurt? and I kind of can't imagine being friends with them knowing they:
  25. don't care about my frustrations
  26. only want to hang out with me when I'm in a good mood/entertaining them
  27. won't apologize for hurting me
  28. think I'm miserable.
  29. anyway, this list has been really cathartic
  30. if any Li.sters have any advice I'd love to hear it
  31. Giphy