This list may be endless...
  1. Dwight. Lice. Popping the insecticide grenade in Michael's office in full Hazmat.
  2. @bjnovak. Pseudo proposing to @mindy on the back of what appears to be a burro in full pseudo Jaipur regalia.
  3. Andy. Splitting scrotum. Dance off. In Niagara. In bright orange pants.
  4. Michael. Burning foot on Foreman Grill. Begging for any help but Dwight as Dwight sprints out with Camaro keys: "Hold on Michael, I'm on my way!"
  5. Jo. To Gabe: "Lower yourself Gabe, I don't want to have a conversation with your crotch."
  6. Erin. On disposable cameras, after taking a pic with one and then throwing the whole thing away. "They're really fun, except sometimes it would be great to actually see the pictures."
  7. Andy. On boat after two days. He's out of drinking water, losing mind, and Skyping with office. Daryl: "Andy take your underwear off your head, man." Computer falls into ocean.
  8. Stanley. "Do xxx and then yyy and then turn around and then shove it up your butt."
  9. Oscar. Walking costume party cat walk as a "Rational Consumer."
  10. Same episode. Gabe. Darryl tells Michael he never believed in him. Gabe makes gesture of explosion: "Boom. Dropping bombs."
  11. THE ENTIRE LOTTO EPISODE. Especially when what's his name keeps telling Andy and Darryl that he's hard of hearing.
  12. Dwight. Trying to intimidate super salesman Danny Cordray. The line about showing her the biggest penis ever, at the penis museum.
  13. Koi pond. That is all.
  14. Me. Realizing the show is supremely meta. Toby is the show runner, almost everyone has same name as their character, and so forth.
  15. Angela. As Andy floats down river in sumo wrestling suit and she pretends not to hear his cries for help.
  16. Dwight. Interim Regional Mgr. The Holster. Shooting gun off after stepping out from his replica of Saddam Hussein's son's desk.
  17. Dwight. Giving Kevin massage so he won't tell Jo about gun. Kevin: "Higher Dwight, higher." Dwight's follow up about Kevin's sweaty, disgusting back.
  18. Kevin. Omg Kevin. So. Many. Moments. Like when he multiplies big numbers of pies but can't multiply the same big numbers of say, anything else. Even though he's an accountant.
  19. Creed. Mung beans. Smell like death.
  20. Creed. Telling us he follows Michael's nephew, who Michael later spanks, on Twitter.
  21. Everyone. CPR training. Everyone breaking out in "Staying Alive" but only after Michael thinks the same song is "I Will Survive." Dwight attacking the dummy.
  22. Michael slamming into Meredith when turning into parking lot. Turning her tragedy into a fundraising race to stop rabies.