1. The parking is genius. Up to 10 hours on a meter.
  2. It's next door to the old Maverick building and I have fond memories of #holidays I mean #meetings at the label way back when I was in love with a rock star.
  3. The Branding Studio because Larry and Marcus are basically Steve Jobs and Jony Ives. And they've created an amazing new brand for Aisha Tyler, with whom I used to cut school and score pot.
  4. It's no longer across the street from Barneys which means I'm not tempted to spend money I don't have as a reward for work I haven't done.
  5. The orchids. And today, the peonies. One day I'm going to ask for some to take home. Like, ask the receptionist. Because, you know. I want to keep it real.
  6. The unreal art collection. Because I'm an artist and I love it that my agency believes in art. #sueme
  7. Clementine. Even though I never have anything because I literally can't decide if I want to be Black and Blue, a Morning Glory, or a Weed, and those seem to be the only juice options.