1. I did not have a heatstroke in the blazing desert sun shooting the epic opening scene for season two.
  2. I played Tammy's ex-wife, aka Melora Harden. Because all roads lead to The Office (right @bjnovak?) and every time I looked at Melora I saw her in The Dinner Party ep, swaying/singing at top of her lungs to the awful CD made by her hot assistant as Michael tries to pretend none of it is happening.
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  3. I got my hair caught in a portable fan (see blazing desert sun) and my sister wife, the riotous Tig Notaro filmed it on her phone and threatened to post to YouTube. (Also basically every minute with Tig, who I believe may be one of the sweetest, funniest people I've ever met and I can't wait to see her show tonight at Largo, was amaze.)
  4. Jeffrey Tambor, in full Maura gear, took my hand and thanked me for my work...and genealogy. Jeffrey Tambor, in full Maura gear, turned randomly to Tig and said, "I like you." Tig said, "I like you, too." And then JT/Maura turned around and walked away as if nothing had been said. Leaving Tig, for once, speechless.
  5. I played Instagram with my 21 year old on-set daughter, saw her, like, one billion followers, felt two hundred years old, and thought, gosh books are dead. And then we took selfies and l forgot all about it.
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  6. I hugged and kissed Jill Soloway basically every few hours as she leapt around and told us to make scary, ugly faces at the camera, and directed a scene involving an epic rendition of Havanagila, an ancient ecstatic dance, and Judith Light telling someone to "move their tucchus, we can't wait for Shavuot."
  7. I only got one new freckle--albeit right between my eyes--in blazing desert sun while filming aforementioned opening scene for season two. My face did not erupt after slathering SPF 50 all over it.
  8. I remembered most of my lines. And no one got mad when I made up a few to cover my...heat induced memory loss. Also related amaze moment: Gabby Hoffman struggling to withhold directorial notes re my laughable attempt to walk, talk and not turn my back to the camera while filming one of my big (tiny) scenes.
  9. We had pork for lunch because catering was awesome but didn't get the memo re demographic. The next day we had steak.
  10. I did not spill anything on my fab CK white dress. Which then FOT...into my closet.
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