1. I drank a Jamba Juice yesterday. What the hell is in those things other than sugar? I blame my post camp starving son.
  2. I drank a liver cleanse juice from Earth Bar three days ago. What the hell is in those things other than sugar and like, highly concentrated ginger? I blame the culture at large.
  3. I went to bed three hours past bedtime because I binged on Getting On and scanned four eps of HUNG "for tone."
  4. I got horribly lost at NBC yesterday, grew dizzy and faint, and almost missed my meeting. I blame the assistant, the guy at Gate 1, the security guard in Building 1340, and Waze. Also the weather because my hair sucked and I was preoccupied with ways to make it better.
  5. My bed is my safe space. Not to be confused with Julianne Moore's ceramic igloo in Todd Haynes' genius movie SAFE.
  6. Dental work. That is all.