Things to buy for our new (used) pop up camper.

Written with help from @edoublebubs while we spring clean it in preparation for our first camping trip.
  1. A radio
    Bluetooth and also am/fm radio for listening to the Cleveland Indians. Maybe a Spotify subscription.
  2. A water hose.
  3. Plastic plates.
    Bonus points if they have Kool-Ade Man or something similar on them.
  4. Silverware
  5. Trash bags
  6. Grocery bags
  7. Drying rack for dishes
    Interjected by our excited two year old.
  9. Cups and koozies
    Beverages are important.
  10. Kitchen specifically:
    Cast iron skillet, pot, tongs, spatula, knife, dish towels, cutting board, spoon, colander, mixing bowl, fake ass plastic containers, paper towels, ziploc bags, can opener, pot holders, table cloth, table cloth clips, dish soap
  11. Corkscrew and bottle opener
    I repeat, beverages are important.
  12. Laundry bag
  13. Shower bag
  14. Damn, it takes a lot of bags to go camping!
  15. Cheapo flip flops
  16. Clothes pins
  17. A new SUV to pull the motherfucker
  18. Beach and bath towels
  19. Games
    For when it rains
  20. Broom and dustpan
  21. Extension cords
  22. Bedding
    Sorry tent-life. We're going with sheets and blankets. Not gonna miss sleeping bag sweat sacks.
  23. Boards for leveling this crazy beast so the door swings shut and Elliot doesn't scream "shut the door" 1000 times and we can all have fun camping instead of pulling my hair out.