I am new to li.st
  1. I have a very common first name with a rare spelling
    I am never offended when people spell it wrong' but often amused when they ask me why I chose to spell it that way. My response? You need to ask my mother.
  2. I love to cook.
    It relaxes me. I enjoy feeding family and friends good food made with the best ingredients. My friends and family think I am a bit crazy...cooking to relax!
  3. I am a licensed electrical engineer working in a still mostly male dominated industry.
    Still... After 25 years. Lots of reasons, none of them good ones.
  4. I believe traffic rules exist for a reason. Keeping people safe.
    It annoys me when people don't stop at stop signs, roll through red lights and act like I can read their minds regarding their intentions to turning and lane changing because they obviously are unfamiliar with the turn signal lever in their vehicle.
  5. I like alcohol. The taste of it.
    I am a bourbon and whiskey girl and enjoy a good amber rum. Do not flavor my vodka or serve me fru fru drinks that you"can't taste the alcohol" in.
  6. I am a tenacious mother
    Don't mess with my kid. You will regret it.
  7. I walk my dog in the right-of-way and clean up after it.
    I have never understood how people think it is ok if their dog pees on you bushes.
  8. Life is to short and moves to fast to worry about keeping the house in perfect condition.
    I am not going to miss reading with my kid to make sure the windows are clean and the laundry is put away.