Full piece with images here: http://bit.ly/1i0B87U xo <3
  1. George Manganese
    George has been running Mangan Family Farms since 1968. His wife passed away in Winter '97. You have her eyes. He gives you a bag if cider donuts "on the house", with a bittersweet smile.
  2. Sam Reid
    Farmer Reid inherited the Mohonk Patch from his uncle in the mid-80s. His wife died shortly before their first harvest. Having you here makes it seem like she finally got to see the place, which puts a kind gleam in his eye.
  3. John Melzer
    John is said to make the best pumpkin bread in Lackawanna County! His wife, Sally, loved that pumpkin bread. Give it a taste, for old time's sake. It's what she would have wanted.
  4. Aidan Plemons
    Mr. Plemons won Biggest Pumpkin at the 1996 Fairfield County Pumpkin-Growing Contest. His wife was killed in a car accident later that year. How about a hug?
  5. Greg Sheridan
    Farmer Sheridan loves October because of the haunted hayrides he gets to host at his patch. It was also Doreen's favorite time of year - before she went to rest, just a few months back. Say, you're about her size - how about you take her denim jacket?
  6. Marty Gray
    Marty always has the most intricately carved Jack-O-Lanterns. This year's main event is an old photo of his wife, Jean, who died nine years ago. Hold it up next to you. God, it's like those nine years never even happened.
  7. Jerry "The Pump-King" O'Hara
    The Pump-King has a plentiful patch that people come from all over the state to pick from. His wife was murdered in 2003. No one was so much as questioned for the crime. He wants to know what the cops know that he doesn't. Anyhow, that painting over there? She did it.
  8. Gary Cherri
    Old Man Cherri's wife died in January, and just last month his crop was picked apart by birds. He's not doing so great. How about a kiss, or maybe just a quiet, knowing embrace?