Wolf-whistling me while I get dressed. I don't like the feeling of being objectified, even by my husband.
  1. Saying that I'm condescending
  2. Saying that he's not allowed to express himself
    "I guess I'll just suppress every instinct I have"
  3. Saying he will have to find a way to not be sexually attracted to me
    "I'll just desensitize myself to having any arousal from looking at your body"
  4. Saying he's going to start keeping track of every time I say or do something that he doesn't like
  5. Saying he's worthless
    "I can't do anything right"
  6. Saying he's powerless
    "I have no control over anything in my life"
  7. Saying he never gets to express his feelings, and that I don't give a shit how he feels.
    "Why don't you ask me how I feel once in awhile?" Making it about him
  8. Pointing out that he's not a stranger on the street and it's not the same. His intention is not the same.
    This is the one argument that almost holds some water. But it doesn't matter if I don't like it anyway. It's my feeling. Intellectually I can appreciate this argument and respect women that enjoy it but my gut tells me the behavior just perpetuates the culture of demeaning women. I don't want it out on the street or at home. It's an unpleasant reminder.
  9. Saying feminazi
    He used the word