1. The Pact
    A bad mom dies and her daughters have to deal with her house and stuff. One daughter disappears, then her sister tries to solve the mystery. Something is in the house, it's someone. She gets a clairvoyant person to check it out. There is a secret wing in the house where a hermit murderer has been living and spying for decades. I still don't understand why this movie is called "The Pact." It was fun to watch - creepy and suspenseful.
  2. Antichrist
    The movie begins with an artful exposition: Lascia ch'io Pianga provides the soundtrack of a toddler boy waking up in the middle of a snowy night in his high rise apartment bedroom, getting out of his crib and going exploring. He catches a glimpse of his parents who are completely oblivious, engaged in intense lovemaking. Then he climbs up to the windowsill and goes over the edge to his death. The parents try to recover from grief, and it is psychedelic and gruesome.
  3. I Saw the Devil
    A school van driver is a disgusting lady murderer who rapes and cuts up his victims. When a secret agent's fiancé's head is found, he vows to avenge her and has a very thorough plan. Using a tracking device, he carries out several torturous catch-and-release plans on the killer. His extensive plan is not perfect and the killer fights back. It is a crazy battle with an epic, wrenching ending.
  4. Creep
    Mark Duplass plays an odd man who lives high at the top of a mountain. He hires a videographer to shoot a day in his life so that his unborn daughter can know him. It is weird, peculiar, strangely charming. The man is a psychopath and his method of murder is his art. Peach Fuzz.
  5. Chained
    A 9-year old boy goes to a movie with his mom. His dad insists they take a taxi home, but the taxi driver kidnaps them, murders the mom and makes the boy his slave, educating and training him in his lifestyle of hunting women, raping and murdering, collecting their bodies and making a scrapbook of the newspaper coverage. Not only does the boy learn all about the human body and murder but he learns about his own past and his family...