Can you tell which ones are jokes?
  1. Anona
    (English) resembling a pineapple
  2. Canary
    Yellow bird
  3. Conary
    (Gaelic) a wise woman
  4. Colisa
    (English) a delightful young woman
  5. Cordelia
    (Latin) a good hearted woman; a woman of honesty
  6. Darlina
    (English) form or Darlene - our little darling
  7. Elaina
    (French) form of Helen - "the shining light"
  8. Fifia
    (African) born on a Friday
  9. Izana
    (American) One who calms others
  10. Magnolia
    (French) resembling the flower
  11. Molina
    From CCR song
  12. Cornelia
    (Latin) referring to a horn
  13. Potato
  14. Robin
    Robin McWilliams
  15. Lorissa
    Because I love lorises
  16. Piano
    A quiet child who plays quietly
  17. Martha Rose
    Nickname Mo
  18. Rhonda
    Help me
  19. Ronetta
  20. Taffeta
  21. Barbara
  22. Mother
  23. Marian
    Or Marian - as in MacDowell, McPartland, or Bauer
  24. Malvina
    After Malvina Reynolds
  25. Beverly
  26. Marigold
  27. Myree
  28. Faye
  29. Debbie
    As in Debbie Downer