and bust up my mood and my 'tude
  1. Krista Tippetts' voice
    I love her show but recently I noticed I cannot stand her voice. Am I sexist? It's not vocal fry, it's the contrived gentleness, the soft joviality, the unassuming curiosity, the smug fascination, the humble passion and wisdom. It all comes off as so smug. Especially when she says "I'm Krista Tippett" and you can hear her mouth smile.
  2. When my husband can't find something and he's in a hurry
    And he expects me to get up and help him look
  3. When people respond to a compliment by over explaining
    Or downplaying themselves, or rejecting it. It's insulting to the compliment-giver. It questions their honesty and/or their taste/expertise/intelligence
  4. When people give insincere compliments
    This can contribute to the prevalence of the previous one, but still doesn't excuse it. I hate the idea of an obligation to say "good job" or an obligation to just say anything complimentary to someone. It's obvious unless you are very good at this which some people are. And I do advocate saying to people what nice things you DO mean about them
  5. Being in a hurry
    I try to avoid this horrible state of being at all costs, and when I don't succeed, I am very mad at myself