To whoever might care to indulge in my life for a time
  1. Dig through everything
    All my writings, photos, videos, recordings. Make something creative with them.
  2. Play songs no one else knows
    Who Needs You by Queen, for example
  3. Play children's songs
    Sing forever
  4. Don't play songs that I hate or am over
    For example, not Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, or anything that's common. Definitely not "I hope you dance."
  5. Talk about how hard-headed I was
  6. And how self-absorbed I was
  7. And how ridiculous I wanted to be
  8. And how annoying I was
  9. And how I didn't care
  10. Seek out and experience some of my music book podcast tv movie food drink comedy and other recommendations
    Consider why I might've liked them
  11. Or do exactly the opposite of everything I wish
    Or at least one of them, for a laugh
  12. Play run-around-the-table ping pong
  13. Dance
  14. Drink
  15. Contra-dance
    Everyone, God-damnit
  16. Sing together
    Everyone, God damnit
  17. There should be a dark, dramatic funeral service with a scary organist
    And if possible, I want my body to be there for people to visit ceremonially. Everyone should approach me individually and say something to me, hopefully tongue-in-cheek, frivolous, or a biting insult.
  18. Everyone should wear over-the-top clothing
    At least one of you should dress up as a clown
  19. Roast me
    Don't hold back - laugh it up
  20. Toast me
    With champagne, after scotch
  21. Put my body in that boiling, acidic hot spring at Yellowstone where the man dissolved
    Party all night as my body slowly disintegrates.
  22. Cry exuberantly
    If you have the urge, do not hold back. Weep, sob, bawl, moan, and wail.
  23. Let it all out
    Say everything about me that drove you crazy, frustrated you, irritated you, made you mad, that you disagreed with, that made you glad, confused, or happy.
  24. Say what you wish had been different about me
    Or don't.
  25. Look at every photo and watch every video of me you can find
  26. Spend all the time you've dedicated to togetherness in the wake of my death focused on me or something related to me