Females, ladies, women
  1. Alison Gopnik - psychologist, professor at UC Berkeley, writer
    We must focus our attention on that essential stage of the human life cycle - infancy and childhood - which involves caregiving/parenting/child rearing, in our discussions of philosophy, politics, morality, and policy-making considerations to name a few.
  2. Lynne Tillman - novelist, short story writer, cultural critic
    Author of no lease on life, a novel (1998) that goes inside the mind and plight of a woman living in a tenement building in the East Village of Manhattan; this woman is scheming, philosophical, wise and witty; her thoughts brilliantly get at the confounding and contradictory inevitabilities, futilities, absurdities that I often find impossible to articulate. I love Elizabeth, I am Elizabeth.
  3. Sarah Schulman
    Author of Conflict is Not Abuse