1. Jeff Spicoli
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    Too easy, it's not a party unless he's there.
  2. Cameron Frye
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    Of course I'd play hell getting him to leave his house.
  3. Gertie
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    "Alligators in the sewers"
  4. Inigo Montoya
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    "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you drank my beer, prepare to die."
  5. Billie Jean
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    Because fair is fair!
  6. Wormser
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    He's a Tri-Lamb!
  7. Claire Standish
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    It is NOT a fat girls name!
  8. Hans Gruber
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    Adds a little danger to the evening, plus he gets his suits from that place in London.
  9. Lisa
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    There's no way I'd forget to hook up the doll.
  10. Bill Blazejowski
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    You kidding? Guy can party in a morgue.
  11. Linda Barrett
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    No college boyfriends allowed.
  12. Billy Hicks
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    Yes, Billy, bring your sax.
  13. If it's the last SERIOUS party of your highschool career, I suggest you invite Steff from Pretty in Pink. His girlfriend's an asshole, but he knows how to party.
    Suggested by @tinabell