It's the song you already dig, but performed by someone else and you LOVE them!
  1. BAKER STREET, Foo Fighters
    Only Dave Grohl can make 70's schmaltz (and I love 70's schmaltz) rock the fuck out!
  2. WHAT I'VE DONE, Marié Digby
    She takes this Linkin Park hit and breaks my heart in two with her voice and her soul. Get involved, NOW!
  3. ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, Rufus Wainwright
    "Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup."
  4. HIGHER GROUND, Red Hot Chili Peppers
    C'mon, you just KNEW his would make the list.
  5. AIN'T THAT A SHAME, Cheap Trick
    Showing Fats Domino some mad love with their rendition of his classic.
  6. COME ON EILEEN, Save Ferris
    Such a great name for a band, I only wish I'd thought of it.
  7. BOLD AS LOVE, @john
    Yeah, okay, he's on List App and I follow him, but his shredding on a Jimi Hendrix song I worship isn't less true because that's so.
  8. MAD WORLD, Gary Jules
    It is, dare I say, almost better than Tears For Fears' own version.