With a tip o'me cap to @Nicholas
  1. My home screen
    A7100dfc df6e 4d8b 9901 409222d53787
  2. The wall paper pic
    Point Dume, Malibu, looking south back towards P.C.H. One of my happy places.
  3. That news alert
    I'm sure it's the Washington Post breaking news about either Tom Brady or Hilary Clinton (it's been that week.)
  4. I'm with AT&T, the devil I know
    I like being able to access the web whilst on a call, I'm selfish that way.
  5. Yes, that is a Constitution app
    It's been there, I thought of moving it for fear of seeming pretentious, but then I figured the List App community would love me as I am. Also, I love our Constitution.
  6. My Apple Pay default is my debit card
    I know I could get miles by using one of my CC's, but I'm a little O.C.D. about every day purchases coming straight from my checking account. Were this 1979, I'd be the guy writing a check at the supermarket.
  7. I should swap The List App and Meerkat
    I don't find myself anywhere that I think others would want to see via the web, so Meerkat should be on line two of my Social Media folder.
  8. I just swapped The List App and Meerkat
  9. That phone alert
    It's my dentists office. I know, I know! It's time for my cleaning!
  10. I have full folders
    My iPhone is basically a junk drawer. I'm okay with it.
  11. My favorite folder?
    TRAVEL, because if I'm in there it means in going somewhere. ✈️💺🌞