Dearly beloved...
  1. Washing Machine
    "Your mouth on mine makes me clean, you are my washing machine." But then Maytag uses it in a commercial.
    "I kinda want you, babe."
  3. Toad In My Hole
    "I wanna be the bread around your egg, hold on tight until the end."
  4. Foam
    "Whatcha like is in the coffee cup, FOAM!"
  5. Hand 2 Hand Wombat
    "Furry little lover, you got such tiny hands!"
  6. Vous Pourvez Fumer Ici
    "No standing outside, my love will keep you dry, light up, I'm you're guy!"
  7. 10:55 To Minneapolis
    "Baby, get on board! There's only one connection at O'Hare, but you don't need to change yo panties!"
  8. Leave Your Shoes By The Door
    "NEW CARPET!! What!? Leave your shoes by the door. NEW CARPET!! Say What!? Go on and crawl on the floor!"