I'll see one, sometimes two people dining alone, but four right around me calls for a comment.
  1. Tweety
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    I caught him crafting the perfect 140 character missive on the asshole cop in McKinney, TX. It immediately got re-Tweeted 78 times.
  2. Skip
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    Planning his buddy's retirement party requires peace, quiet and a chicken Caesar salad. I bet there are going to be tee shirts that say "retire THIS!"
  3. Barthol
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    Or "Bart" but just to that one guy from accounting. He's reading The Girl Who Played With Fire, recommended by his girlfriend who is 20 years his junior.
  4. Livingston Truman, III
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    I'm not kidding when I say this dapper man had cuff links, a killer tie and was reading Le Monde. I hope the name I conjured for him is close to his real moniker and I hope he is a foreign diplomat or an author or something righteous. This guy was my favorite!