I'm crazy about them, they love where I pick to have lunch, here they are;
  1. Paul
    Imagine the Asian Wolverine, but in Hugo Boss.
  2. Josefa
    He's 22, he's from Samoa and you'll never meet or more polite young man that never gets my jokes. I want to adopt him.
  3. Manny
    Grizzled veteran who has been "too old for this shit" since 1979, but he never complains about anything other than the 405.
  4. Joni
    Imagine your elementary school librarian but with better shoes.
  5. Devin
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    Our resident rocker, the days his full sleeves are exposed are fun when our clients walk in and see all that ink. Today is one of those days.
  6. Reese
    No one really knows his age because he stopped getting older around 2003. When he's not being more handsome and friendly than everyone else, you can find him perfecting his putt at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park.
    Suggested by @Nicholas