Thank goodness democracy isn't in my hands!
  1. Made lists.
    Naturally, but it's not like I wasn't making lists of shit I.R.L.
  2. Told others to make lists.
    I'm pushy about movies, why not about making lists? "You haven't seen THE USUAL SUSPECTS!? Go, watch it now! Why are you still here, GO!"
  3. Said more nurturing, encouraging things to @dev
    Or just said "say more about that" during our phone calls.
  4. Cleaned my desk.
    Don't know if it would've helped, but my wife is always on me about that so it probably wouldn't have hurt.
  5. Gone to Vegas more.
    Nope, sorry. I'm hearing it now and it just doesn't land.
  6. Paid @Nicholas the 20 bucks I've owed him since 1997.
    Bro, are you on Venmo?
  7. Campaigned harder for H.R.C.
    I'm STILL with her!
  8. Made BETTER lists.
    Just re-read some of my previous lists, there were some clunkers.
  9. Loved you all more.
    This has been such a great community, I'm grateful to have been around.