Yes, YOU!!
  1. You're welcoming
    List App folks are all "hey, get in here! Start a list, go for it!"
  2. Smarty pants!
    I'm really into erudition, so thanks for for hookin a brother UP!
  3. You're all so different
    Writers and doctors and singers, OH MY!
  4. That List you posted that made me laugh so hard I snorted and my neighbor heard me?
    Yeah, that.
  5. Validation
    Your ability to LIKE and RELIST just when I start wondering if I've said too much or too little.
  6. You love your folks
    More than a few lists are about parents and the wonderful and wonderfully ridiculous this and that they've said or done. Warms my heart.
  7. Because I just do!
    You do you, baller, 'cause I love it.