I couldn't love her more if she were my own, but were she my own I could say "Oh, that's bullshit!" to each of these (except for the last one.)
  1. Sunday evenings
    I have to respect this, I tried in vain as well to get out of school on a Monday. I just wish she'd mix in a "but the Syria crisis is still raging, how can I go to school tomorrow with Basha Al-Assaad still in power!?" every once in a while.
  2. When her brother gets to play Minecraft on the computer
    Not that she likes Minecraft, she just wants the computer and NOT the iPad. #FirstWorldKidProblems
  3. When she's hungry, but dinner doesn't involve chicken nuggets
    Again, respect, but I question her tactics. I'm trying to work on this with her, get her to throw in a "is that beet salad from Monsanto?" here and there.
  4. When we give her brother a chance to DJ in the car
    If he has to listen to LET IT GO every car ride he's going to resent automobiles. Her cries of stomach pain have yet to yield an Elsa-riffic outcome, so that too needs work.
  5. When she's been out of the house too long and a trip to YogurtLand has been nixed
    I'm trying to impart to her that "I'm tired and cranky" is a legit excuse for mommy to stop at YogurtLand, but she seems leery of it. I'll keep trying to sell it.
  6. When I asked her about the fire drill at school
    She made this tense face and said she didn't like fire drills and that it gave her a stomach ache to talk about it. I hugged her and told her "fire drills are just an excuse to socialize with your friends in other classes once you get outside." She sorta liked that answer.