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A bit premature but NFL and NCAA Football has BEGUN
  1. NCAA Football
    The Bruins are back. The excitement of rooting for my alma mater. They lost their first week, but I believe they can turn it around.
  2. NFL
    Rams are back in LA. A team I've rooted for since I was a child. I still remember those Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Isaac Bruce, and Torry Holt days because that's how I fell in love with football. (Also, the reason for my deep rooted dislike of the Patriots.) Also, it's those Sunday mornings watching the games with my Dad and brother.
  3. Perfect So-Cal weather
    The low 70s to high 60s with that cool breeze. It makes me wish I was walking around UCLA campus again. Some of the trees change colors, specifically the ones behind Powell library.
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Disclaimer: I've never had a sister. (For National Siblings Day)
  1. Default Best Friend
    He was my first friend regardless of how much we fought. My childhood never felt lonely because I knew if I ever got bored, I could just annoy him and start a fight. (Me ruining pictures)
  2. Having Each Others Back
    Whether it's facing the hardships of immigration or guiding each other through rocky terrains where I stubbornly try to create my own path, it was always nice to know that I had someone else during times of happiness or sadness. Being immigrants, most of our extended family still remain in the Philippines, so we basically had each other growing up. I never hesitate to call him whenever I'm in distress because I know we'll always support each other.
  3. Blackmail
    Having a sibling is the best way to learn the foundations of blackmail. Extract information through kindness but use them for coercion, like when you need them to keep a secret, protect you, or wash your laundry. Lol. Honestly, I'm younger so I didn't do a lot of blackmailing, but I learned not fall other people's manipulations.
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  1. 1.
    Punctuations are there to punctuate.
    It reminds me to acknowledge the commas, the hyphens, and the periods. Pause, breathe, dramatize.
  2. 2.
    Pronunciation and clarity
    As an immigrant who grew up in America,I still have difficulty with certain words, like differentiating the pronunciation of "three" and "tree." It was something other children made fun of me for and to this day I still pause when I say those words to ensure I will say them correctly. Poetry forces me to learn to how to properly enunciate words.
  3. 3.
    A fake accent whilst acting it out
    I love reading Shakespeare's love poems with a hint of a British accent. It makes me feel posh.
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