Disclaimer: I've never had a sister. (For National Siblings Day)
  1. Default Best Friend
    He was my first friend regardless of how much we fought. My childhood never felt lonely because I knew if I ever got bored, I could just annoy him and start a fight. (Me ruining pictures)
  2. Having Each Others Back
    Whether it's facing the hardships of immigration or guiding each other through rocky terrains where I stubbornly try to create my own path, it was always nice to know that I had someone else during times of happiness or sadness. Being immigrants, most of our extended family still remain in the Philippines, so we basically had each other growing up. I never hesitate to call him whenever I'm in distress because I know we'll always support each other.
  3. Blackmail
    Having a sibling is the best way to learn the foundations of blackmail. Extract information through kindness but use them for coercion, like when you need them to keep a secret, protect you, or wash your laundry. Lol. Honestly, I'm younger so I didn't do a lot of blackmailing, but I learned not fall other people's manipulations.
  4. Deals are better than money
    When we were younger, we obviously didn't have access to a lot of money other than our allowances, so whenever we would make bets, we bet with what we called "deals." The idea is that you can ask for favors, such as washing the dishes, folding the laundry, giving up the remote, or cleaning the bathroom but you can never ask for money. It was my first hand lesson in not recklessly betting because I tended to lose.
  5. No bullshit
    It may hurt at times but it's far better to hear the truth from someone who cares. If I'm being a bitch, he'll call me out on it because hey sometimes we need an attitude check.
  6. Sports
    Watching sports, not playing it. But honestly we didn't stop wrestling until a few years ago when my Mom really yelled at us (side note: we use to love watching WWE). I always had someone to talk to about why certain teams or players suck. We supported the same college team till I went to the rival school for college... Needless to say my brother probably felt a little betrayed. BRUWINS!
  7. Gifts
    I'm fortunate to say my brother always listens to me when I ask for specific things for holidays. ❤️ He's probably one of the few people to know that giving me a book after my first heartbreak is the best solution. (Title: Pretty Little Mistakes. It was suppose to remind me that there are many different paths I could still take even if I mess up a bit.)
  8. Food/Movies
    I always have a food buddy who pays for me. For the movies, we always split the cost; one buys the tickets, while the other pays for the snacks.
  9. Video games
    Final Fantasy, Pacman, Super Mario Brothers, Crash Bandicoot, Tekken, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Combat, etc. From Gameboys to Playstation (not a fan of XBox), I learned to love RPG and other games because of my brother. We learned to game because of our Dad who was amazing at playing games on the Nintendo 64.
  10. There's probably more but I'll leave it at that.