Why I'm excited for Autumn

A bit premature but NFL and NCAA Football has BEGUN
  1. NCAA Football
    The Bruins are back. The excitement of rooting for my alma mater. They lost their first week, but I believe they can turn it around.
  2. NFL
    Rams are back in LA. A team I've rooted for since I was a child. I still remember those Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Isaac Bruce, and Torry Holt days because that's how I fell in love with football. (Also, the reason for my deep rooted dislike of the Patriots.) Also, it's those Sunday mornings watching the games with my Dad and brother.
  3. Perfect So-Cal weather
    The low 70s to high 60s with that cool breeze. It makes me wish I was walking around UCLA campus again. Some of the trees change colors, specifically the ones behind Powell library.
  4. My birthday as well as my best friend's
    9th and 10th of the tenth month. We always have a dual celebration with our friends. This will be our 8th year doing it. Sometimes it feels like the anniversary of our friendship just because of how we always make sure to celebrate it with our loved ones.
  5. Halloween
    Not a big sweet tooth, but black accented with all the hues of orange and red is one of my favorite color palettes. Plus, all the beautifully decorated pumpkins illuminating that warm orange glow.
  6. Thanksgiving
    My favorite holiday! ❤️ It's a reminder to start reflecting about the past year and recognizing our blessings as well as the challenges that we surpassed to get to wherever we currently stand. Plus let's be real, Thanksgiving food is the best.
  7. Final Fantasy XV
    Though this doesn't happen yearly, I'm excited. My brother has bought me the Final Fantasy XIV and XIII, but I have a feeling XV will redeem the franchise. It's almost here. November 29th. Hopefully my brother and I buy a PS4 on Black Friday.
  8. So I can't wait till September 21st! 🍁🍂⛅️🎃