Heat is no more than 8 out of 10. However, I'm Mexican. Born in San Jose, raised in Napa.
  1. Yucatan Sunset
    $5, made in Sonoma, CA. This is the absolute best. I put this on everything - from pasta to buttered toast.
  2. DTLA Yang Chow’s Chili Pepper Sauce
    $5, made in house. I'll steam vegetables just so I can funnel more of this sauce onto my taste buds.
  3. Le Bamboo’s Sweet & Spicy sauce
    Have yet to try and buy it. WEHO
  4. DTLA Wurstkuche’s Spicy Mustard
    Have tried to buy it. Was given a blank stare. Found a manager. Was told this sauce is often stolen. Left with a heavy heart.
  5. Cayenne pepper with lemon juice
    Not really a sauce. But tasty on fruit and in hot water. Great for preventing colds. I am not a doctor or in any way in the medical field.