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  1. A dump truck driver purposely driving onto the shoulder of the road in order to run over a turtle. Fuck you, truck driver. Your karmic weight is massive. Massive!
  2. A guy getting road head. In rush hour. Seriously, a time and a place people!
  3. A cop giving a boat a ticket. No vehicle. Just a boat by the side of the road. There's an interesting story there.
... to remain a sort of sane human
  1. Coffee
    Sounds like a no-brainer, but no matter how much sleep I've had or how alert I think I feel, I've come to realize my brain doesn't get out of first gear without a cup of the Brown Beast.
  2. Quiet
    Do you whistle or hum while you're at the office? Are one of those people who can't quietly close a cupboard door? Or maybe you click a pen repeatedly. Yeah, you're the reason I need wine when I get home from work. Just ... shhhh, for fuck's sake.
  3. Humour
    Even on the shittiest day, it is imperative to find something to laugh about. Nothing brings perspective like realizing everything isn't all bad, even when I feel like it is.
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