1. Coming home to my dogs
    What's better than a Lab mixed with a German Shepherd, charging at you with kisses and a little Jack Russell giving you puppy dog eyes so you can pick him up and carry him around?
  2. Seeing my family on Saturday
    With being at school full time and working part time I only ever have time to see my family on Saturdays.
  3. Seeing my best friend
    When you only really have one friend, and it's your best friend, they mean the world to you.
  4. Ice Cream
    Not just any ice cream, this has to be ice cream from Margie's Candies.
  5. Netflix and chill
    And I literally mean binge watching Netflix and me chilling on my bed with my dogs cuddled on either side of me and maybe some hot chocolate.
  6. Getting another vinyl record
    The thrill of looking for it and finding it in stock.
  7. Finding anything I thought I had lost.
  8. Getting to know my brothers more.