Resy is reinventing hospitality using technology. That means you get the best booking experience and reservation selection anywhere. Shorter story, if you want that booth on Friday night at 8 PM, then that's what you get. Because not all restaurant reservations are created equal.
  1. We're an app, first launched in NYC in June 2014.
  2. Now we're in 5 cities: NYC, LA , SF, DC and Miami. We also offer service in the Hamptons, because obv.
  3. The company was founded by @bl, Gary Vaynerchuk and Mike Montero.
  4. We think restaurant reservations are broken and we'd like to fix them by rebuilding the booking technology from scratch.
  5. If we're successful, we'll have redefined hospitality using technology.
  6. Content is in our DNA, too, hence why we're lurking around these parts.