Who knew there were so many secrets buried in the numbers?? Read the whole story:
  1. A price that ends in 99 cents is either not on sale or a planned, advertised sale price.
  2. A price that ends in 88 cents is harder to find, but usually a better deal.
  3. A price that ends in 97 cents means an item is clearance merchandise.
  4. A price that ends in 98 cents is an indicator that an item isn’t eligible for additional discounts.
  5. Be careful when buying a Sears-only brand—like Kenmore or Craftsman from an online retailer that isn’t
    Third parties will list Sears-exclusive products on Amazon or other retailers for an inflated price
  6. "I only buy Kenmore and Craftsman, never brand X."
    Did you know that Kenmore dishwashers, top-load washers, and side-by-side refrigerators are made by Whirlpool? Or that most Kenmore French-door refrigerators and front-load washers are made by LG? They're all made by someone else. That's not a knock (far from it). But taking hardline attitudes about brand loyalty doesn't make any sense here.
  7. Sears’ Price Match Policy is not in effect between Thanksgiving Day and the Wednesday after Thanksgiving.