I am to set a goal of achieving a significant increase of discipline geared towards focus growth in the following categories in listed order.
  1. Self Discipline
    Healthy eating habits, Strict work out regiment, Diligent time management. Consistent, focused daily meditation.
  2. Personal growth
    Keep notes of my daily insights using word press. Abstain from drinking, drugs, bad attitudes, judge-mentality. Read Biographies, personal growth materials. Mind and cellular growth materials.
  3. Professional growth
    Pursue certification in the follow areas: Cisco Certification, FIS TTRX Training, Linux Administration, AutoCad. Read leadership, Effective communication and Management materials.
  4. Relationship growth
    Practice Daily Intimacy with Yona. Exhibit patience and empathy. Offer competent counsel when needed. Plan time off together. Plan future life style we want to have.
  5. Financial Growth
    Create a completed Financial spreadsheet and Budget. To include all assets and liabilities. Focus on Investing materials. Listen to abundance meditations every other day. Start mutual saving account, and investing account.