Albums That Changed My Life

These albums are not only cornerstones of who I am and my music taste, but have something for everyone, no matter what you like. Let's go.
  1. American Idiot
    Number of people suprised: 0 It's a masterpiece, a beautiful combination of classic punk-rock angst with genuinely thought provoking adult themes. God I love this album.
  2. Here's To The Mourning
    Barley anyone I know has heard of Unwritten Law, and this is heart breaking. I first heard Celebration Song on Need For Speed Underground 2, and when I found the album and artist, I was blown away. Hard rock never sounded so good. It started my appreciation of hard rock, and that would lead me to see all kinds of musical possibilities.
  3. Costello Music
    You know those guys that wrote the Blackhawk song you hear when they score? Well this is the album! It's rather bitter sweet to me at this point, because I shared this album with a past relationship that... well didn't go well. But the album is still great, a fun, joyous experience that feels like a night of drinking with your best friends. Changed me to really slow down and have fun. And stay away from brothels.
  4. Mayday Parade
    Something something pop-punk phase, something something still great album, something something let me have this.
  5. True North
    When you talk about punk gods, Bad Religion is #1. With so many songs and so much gold, I'm glad this 2014 release got me into the roots of punk, who started it and what it has to say. Plus I have a strong connection to The Island because that song just MHHH gets me.
  6. Room on Fire
    I first heard Reptillia on Rock Band. Then I heard songs off Is This It (a close contender). Then I found this. Gold. A literal masterpiece of garage rock, fantastic songs by amazing musicians, The Strokes are really modern rock/alt gods. They made me realize that just because you played the same note/basic beat for the whole song, doesn't mean it didn't sound like sex in a song.
  7. Dookie
    Let's end this how it started. As I get older (I turn 20 next year, holy shit), I'm getting closer to the age when the members of Green Day began writing their break out hits. As time goes on, I'm connecting more with their early stuff, because it describes me so well. Dookie is written for anyone who feels alone, bored, scared, reckless, anxious, and all those emotions when you start becoming an adult. It's a Hell of a ride, and has graced public ears for over 20 years (holy shit).