So you want to be Royce huh? Well it won't be easy, being Royce means a lot of hard work, late nights, social awkwardness, bad jokes, and an unhealthy consumption of popcorn.
  1. Chop off your legs so you are no more than 5'3"
    Odds are that you reading this right now goes to Calvin College. Odds are if you go to Calvin, you're about 6'17". Change that.
  2. Green Day
    Green Day
  3. Watch a lot of Monty Python
    If you don't think Holy Grail is comedy gold, you're wrong.
  4. Develop a taste for, Free Form Jazz
    Doo do dah, bahhh skiii bah do do bah bah, beeee yo doop ba doop
  5. Get at least 200 hours logged in TF2
    That isn't even that much, you see how many hours people have in CS:GO? Makes you wonder why we dont have girlfriends.
  6. Outdated references
    Where's the beef??
  7. Computers
    Some would say computers are major step in human evolution, critical to our advancement as a society and a nessesity in daily life. Some would say we can use them to play silly little video games. Decisions, decisions....
  8. Be real
    At the end of the day, it doesn't matter who you are, what you like, or real much else. What matters is how you love your life to it's full potential. We were given a purpose on this Earth, and though we can argue all day about what that is, all I know is I'm here now, and I need to make this count.
  9. Stupid Cheesy Ending
    I hate it too.