He has a name, but we gon' call him habibi
  1. Habibi is a coach at the GoodLife gym in my city
  2. Habibi introduced himself to me
  3. The second I saw how tall and handsome and fit he was I fell in love
  4. He looks like he could be brown, and I'm brown so we're already a perfect fit (mom would love him)
  5. He shook my hand
  6. It lasted longer than a normal handshake
  7. My hands were probably really cold and I feel bad about that
  8. He gave me a tour around the gym as it was my first time at this specific location
  9. I didn't pay attention to the tour because I was too busy staring at him
  10. Now I don't know where any of the equipment is
  11. Way to go Rida
  12. He said if I had any questions about his program I could leave my number and he'd answer them
  13. He told me how he's a coach and does TRX training
  14. I brushed that comment off (because as mentioned before I was too busy staring at him)
  15. Now I realize that was probably a sly move to get my number
  16. Damn it I should have given him my number
  17. I tried to find him on Facebook but to no success
  18. I have no idea how old he is
  19. He could be 30 and married for all I know
  20. I don't want to be the reason his wife and him divorce but I mean if it happens it happens
  21. Alright update, today I went to the gym
  22. Saw him at the counter and he was talking to some fellow trainer
  23. As soon as he saw me he turned around and smiled and said hi
  24. I smiled and said hi back
  25. He waited for me to scan my card and enter the gym
  26. Once I left he turned back to talk to his friend
  28. I can't handle it
  29. He definitely can't be married I'm sure of it
  30. When I saw him today he smiled at me every time we made eye contact
  31. Ass he was walking towards the men's change room he stared me down while walking by me
  32. It wasn't just any stare I'm telling you it was an "I'm in love" kinda stare
  33. That or it was a "what in the world are you trying to attempt on that machine" kinda stare